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Dear Camp Rancho Family,

Thank you so much for your patience over the past several months/weeks as our team sought guidance in navigating the ever-changing state and county COVID-19 guidelines with regards to childcare and summer camp.  While we know guidance may still change in the coming weeks, as we had hoped it would most recently, we can only make decisions with the information we have in-hand currently.  In the interest of providing time for our Rancho families to make clear summer childcare plans, our board has made the difficult decision to cancel Camp Rancho for the 2020 summer season.  

Since the inception of Camp Rancho, our goal is and always has been to provide our community with an easy and fun resource for kids to enjoy our wonderful pool and seamlessly attend swim and tennis by offering a unique and flexible multi-option day camp.  It is clear that our current county public health guidelines do not allow us to meet those goals this summer, nor any semblance close to them. 

Please bear with us over the coming days as we work through these cancellations.  As per our camp policy, each of you will be entitled to a 100% refund of your registration costs.  We do plan to outline separate offerings for swim team and tennis in accordance with county health guidelines, so please look for club-wide communications in the coming days for each of those activities.  In accordance with public health guidelines, the pool is unfortunately still closed to our general membership for recreational and lap swim.

I’d like to personally thank our camp director, Amie Wenzell, for her hours of work these past few months to prepare for camp.  We’ll certainly be ready next year and we can’t wait to get together with your campers in healthier and happier times then.

Thank you and please reach out to me with any questions or concerns,

Neda Wilson
Camp Rancho Board Director 


We've created our Camp Rancho program to help our busy Rancho Colorados parents. Our on-site summer camp helps fill the gaps of time between summer swim team or summer tennis clinics and extends the day at Rancho Colorados. 

To participate in Camp Rancho you must be a member of Rancho Colorados Swim & Tennis Club. Please visit Join Us for more information on membership.

Camp Rancho registration begins —and will be open throughout the season as long as there is an open spot. 

Camp Rancho engages children with organized games, creative activities and free swim in the afternoon. Yummy delivered lunches further simplify summer planning. By giving our children a safe and memorable summer season at Rancho Colorados—it's a win-win for all. 

Amie Wenzell, Camp Director
Amie teaches 3rd grade at Burton Valley Elementary School. She started teaching at Burton Valley 5 years ago after graduating from Saint Mary's College. She has worked in numerous classrooms and has spent the past 3 summers working Camp Rancho with Tracy as well as teaching summer school at Head Royce. Amie loves working with kids and is excited to take on a new role at Camp Rancho creating fun and engaging activities for the kids at the pool each day.

Throughout the Camp Rancho day we will have planned activities, art projects and games. Our counselors will get your child to and from their swim and tennis practices at the appropriate times. They'll make sure your child has the right gear and wears sunblock throughout the day.

No Camp Rancho

Please see our Camp Rancho Daily Schedule here.
• Half Day 9am - 12:45pm
• Full Day 9am - 3pm

• 5 to 12


Camp Rancho lunch is served at 11:45. If your child is in swim team practice at this time they will be served right after. Please see our Camp Rancho Menu here.

Please see our latest Rancho Camp lunch menu for selections and per day pricing. 

Payment is due upon registration of Camp Rancho. The total can include lunch fees.
• Half Day $30 per day, $150 per week
• Full Day $50 per day, $250 per week

• Lunch $40 per week (or pay $9 by the day)

* A cancellation fee of $10 (half-day) and $15 (full-day) will be imposed for cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance of the start of camp.
All registration forms must be completed and on file before we admit your children to Camp Rancho. Emergency medical, insurance, contact information and individual profile forms are required for each child and should be renewed at the beginning of every year.
• Camp Rancho Policies & Behavior Form (Links will be live on 2/7/20)
• Camp Rancho  Registration Form (Links will be live on 2/7/20)
• Camp Rancho  Emergency Form (Links will be live on 2/7/20) 
Summer Season

Our Program
Policies & Behavior
Daily Schedule

Half Day 9am - 12:45pm
Full Day 9am - 3pm

Policies & Behavior Form
Registration Form
Emergency Form


Amie Wenzell, Camp Rancho Director

Please contact our Camp Director should you be interested.


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Tennis Director Brian Berry

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