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August 2020

Rancho Colorados has developed the following guidelines based on the guidance and regulations set out by the most recent County Health Directive.  

Swim Hours

August Swim Hours as of Monday, August 24th.

Lap Swimming (New Sign-Up Genius is published):

Mon - Fri: 6 AM to 2 PM - all lanes

                     7 PM - 8 PM - 3 lanes 

REMINDER: The pool is generally vacuumed Thursday morning and KC Pools needs access.  In the past everyone is very accommodating, please continue to be that way. 

Sat - Sun: 6 AM - Noon - all lanes

Lap Swimming Sign-up Genius:  Lap Swimming Sign-up Link

Rec. Swimming:     

Mon - Fri: 3 PM - 8 PM (only 6 'spots' in 7-8 timeslot)

Sat - Sun: Noon - 8 PM

Rec Swimming Sign-up Genius: Reserve Rec. Swimming HERE

High Demand - New Rules in Effect

Due to a limited amount of slots and high demand, members can not reserve back-to-back time slots - 2 or 3 hours at a time.  The sign-up will be checked daily and if you have reserved back to back slots, 1 or 2 will be deleted from the system.  

On a typical weekend, we only have 96 slots available and over 250 members....if you have multiple slots this weekend, it would be the neighborly thing to go in and delete some...otherwise, the policy will go into effect Monday.

No-shows:  We are also instituting a sign-in sheet at the front to check into your reserved slot.  If you cannot make your time please go into sign-up genius and delete your slot...plans change, so please allow others to take advantage.  Repeat no-show offenders will face some sort of consequence, censorship..I don't know, and don't want to have to figure it out.  But members are watching and they want me to name, names.

The week prior to Labor Day we will set hours and lane availability based on the fall swim sign-up numbers and talks with the swim team.


The pool will operate in 50 minute time slots, with 12 Households allowed inside each time slot.  Spots will be reserved via Sign-up Genius (which has been previously sent via email).

At the end of the 50 minute period, whistles will blow like a rest period.  All households will need to get out of the pool, gather their belongings, and exit the pool via the front gate, turn right and walk down the hill (not the stairs) to their cars.  The next group should be queued up on the stairs.  

Once the deck has cleared and been reset, the lifeguards will open the other door and allow the next group in. 

Currently, all groups MUST have an adult and NO Guests are allowed.  This is a Members Only policy to protect the club from unnecessary/outside liabilities.

12 Pool Zones

The 6 lane lines have been split down the middle to create 12 rectangles.  Each Household will have use of a zone.  "Assigning" zones ahead of time is something that feels problematic, and difficult to enforce, so it's a first come, first pick sort of situation. 

We ask that households with older children pick the deep end zones, to allow smaller kids to have access to shallow end zones.  If we need to swap zones after everyone gets in the pool, we may do that, please remain flexible.

By designating Zones, we can allow more households to use the pool.  The alternative will greatly limit the total number of pool users.  You need to stay in your designated Zone.

The County Regulations do not allow social use of the pool.  If you are there, you need to be swimming. Parents or Guardians may be at the pool to supervise their children and sit on deck.

10 Umbrella Zones

There are 10 designated areas for each household to 'claim' when they arrive - these are designated with umbrella stands.  Upon arrival, the guards will point out these locations - 1 household per location. Set down your stuff, pick a swim zone and jump in.  If we have all 12 slots reserved, there is additional space for 2 more spots.

Please bring your own chairs, blankets, etc to sit on if you will be supervising and not swimming.  It helps everyone by lessening the amount of shared equipment.

Diving Board

The Diving Board is OPEN. Swimmers may leave their Zone, line up (while maintaining distance) and use the diving board - 1 person at a time, wait until the diver EXITS the diving well and then the next person is up.


The following areas/facilities are off-limits per the Health Order: Showers, Kitchen, Ping-pong table, Playground, BBQ area, refrigerator, bike racks.


There will be 4 lifeguards and 1 supervisor on duty during Rec. Swimming.  The guards are there to be lifeguards, not policing social distancing.  They will be carrying masks, but not wearing masks while in the chairs.  They  have been instructed to don their masks if they need to get within 6' of anyone - but they should not have to.  Again, per the Health Order, the supervisor is a designated 'Monitor' and will remind people of the policies, and to maintain distancing....but we need your help as parents, adults and members of the community to self-police, self-enforce and be reasonable.

We will not tolerate any belligerence, arguing, disregard or disrespect to the staff.  They are working to enforce a very new and awkward policy and they are young members of our community.  PLEASE take up any issue with them, directly to Ryan Ruhl, Facilities Director, or Tommy Rotticci if it cannot be reasonably worked out with the on-shift supervisor.


I strongly feel that the baby pool needs to be available to members with YOUNG, non-swimming children...those children sometimes have difficulty maintaining their social space....SO...Members with children under the age of 5, may use the baby pool but we ask the following:

-  You MUST be within arms distance of your child

-  Siblings are not allowed in

-  You are responsible for existing in that space with others using that space

- Lifeguards will remove or report anyone not attending their children, children over 5 using the pool, and just anyone being un-neighborly.

May thru mid-October
At times we open the season sooner (weather permitting)

Our Pool
Open Swim
Beginner Swim
Swim Team
Swim Team Events
Adult Swim


Mon -  Fri:  3pm – 8pm*
Sat: 12pm - 8pm
Sun: 12pm – 8pm

Mon – Fri:  3:30pm – 8pm*
Sat & Sun: 12pm – 8pm*
Monday, May 25th (Memorial Day): 12pm-7pm*

Mon – Fri:  1:30pm – 8pm*
Sat & Sun: 12pm – 8pm*

Please see our Pool Hours area for restrictions. These include early closures, late starts and closed lanes due to swim team events, meets and/or practice.


Wifi, bathroom codes & pool key details are found in our Members Only area.


Rancho Wahoos Swim Team Unify 


TBD, Head Coach


Please contact lifeguards@ranchocolorados.com should you be interested. 


Rules & Regs

And all children under 18 must exit the
main pool every 45 minutes for a break during open pool hours. They are not to be in the water while lifeguards are on break. 

Small children can remain in the baby pool under adult supervision.

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Tennis Director Brian Berry

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